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Empowering Women

Last week I received an email from An Open Door Of Love that contained beautiful passages about how to love and cherish women. I have been a feminist from a young age and these writings deeply resonated with me. I have seen the cultural divide that separates men from women increase over the years, to the point where it is common in modern society for women to be oppressed, suppressed and repressed, and it is unacceptable that these feelings are commonplace for women.

Respect Woman, for she is the Mother of the Universe, and all the truth of divine creation lies in her.

She is the basis of all that is good and beautiful, as she is also... (the germination) of life... On her depends the whole existence of man, for she is his natural and moral support.

She gives birth to you in the midst of suffering. By the sweat of her brow she rears you, and until her death you cause her the gravest anxieties. Bless her and worship her, for she is your one friend, your one support on earth.

Respect her, uphold her. In acting thus you will win her love and her heart. You will find favor in the sight of God and many sins shall be forgiven you.

In the same way, love your wives and respect them; for they will be mothers tomorrow, and each later on, the ancestress of a race.

You can also read the full excerpt, if you want more.

From the time our children are born, we place different expectations on them based upon their gender. Boys are expected to be physically strong and are encouraged to find outlets for their energy, while girls must sit in a different way, act in a different way, and “be a lady.”

This idea carries over from childhood into adult careers; men are viewed as being the boss when they are assertive and take charge, while a woman who does the same is seen as “bossy” or worse, the harsh, degrading “b-word.”

Not only do we have to be confident, strong women ourselves, we also need to teach our men and sons to not treat women as if they are any less equal. If respect for others, especially women, is instilled in our sons at an earlier age, these societal expectations and inequalities may be resolved by the next generation.

If you are a woman who struggles with low self-esteem, feelings of being “less than” your male counterparts, or resentment from feeling marginalized, I can clear these issues and help you live a life that is fulfilling, joyous, and free from feelings of oppression. Using the Pechet Healing Technique, I can identify and remove the root cause of these feelings at the deepest level and help you regain your identity as an empowered woman.

I will leave you with an affirmation, which every woman should take to heart:

​I AM immaculately conceived in love.

I AM twin flames in love.

I AM a woman of dignity, grace and honor.

I AM the Presence of Love.

I AM the Presence of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

I AM the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Golden Age of Aquarius. ​

I AM a divine, feminine being of Light.

I AM a goddess in the making.

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