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Do You Think an Earthbound Spirit Might Be Affecting You?

Do you feel like there is a cloud hanging over you? Or a constant weight on your shoulders? A feeling of persistent anxiety, chronic depression or an unexplainable sense of foreboding? There are many different signs that you might have a negative presence around or within you that needs to be cleared.

My brand new book, about to be released, discusses how I identify, speak with, and release these earthbound spirits to bring relief to people both in person and long distance over the phone (or Skype). There are literally dozens of case studies and stories in my book Hitching a Ride, A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You.

I’m happy to say that I will have a few copies of my new book available at the “Life in the Afterlife” conference coming up next weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I am one of the featured speakers. This conference deals with the afterlife, and I will be speaking about one of my main specialties--clearing earthbound spirits that have attached to people--which I have been removing for clients permanently for over a decade now using the Pechet Healing Technique.

For any of you who would like to attend the conference, please visit this website to register:

The last time I checked they only had 10 spots left out of 400.

Here is an excerpt from one of the case studies out of my book. The names and any identifiers have been changed to protect client confidentiality, but the stories are true.

Case Study: Scott

“Husband Can’t Stop Crying”

Earthbound spirit and alien released

A woman called to tell me her husband Scott was suffering from aches and pains, especially in his ankle and also seemed to be in some sort of crisis. She said he was crying a lot and wanted to make an appointment for him to come and see me. I made room to work with him the following day.

During our first session together, Scott seemed very emotional and would start crying at nearly every other sentence as he was talking. At one point the thought struck me that he seemed more like a woman than a man. For example, he would start to tell me about one of their dogs who had died the previous year and started sobbing as he was describing it. Even though it was a year later, it was like it had just happened. Every time he brought up an issue that bothered him in the slightest, he would start crying. Something was definitely going on and I suspected a spirit attachment.

I tuned in and indeed the spirit of a depressed, seventy-five year old woman was residing within him. I questioned her and learned that she attached to him one day while he was grocery shopping with his wife. When I asked her why she selected him, she said he reminded her of her son. Her effect on him was she made him feel heavier and much more emotional than he normally would be. When I asked if she was ready to move on and go home, she said yes and was happy about it. When she died she had become stuck on the earth plane and tried to make the best of it by being with someone who reminded her of her son. Her agreement to go to the Light made it easy for me to release her.

When she was gone Scott said he felt a lot lighter and could breathe easier. He also stopped crying every time he talked about something difficult, like his dogs dying.

I scanned him to see if any other negative beings were with him and discovered a second being was with him. But what I found surprised me. I thought I might find another spirit attachment but instead it was a fat little Buddha-like alien and he had positioned himself in Scott’s abdomen. From its expression it seemed very happy to be there, sitting like a little friend, spread out and quite gleeful. Even after all the years I have done of this clearing work, this was a bit bizarre.

Before I shared about the being I found inside of him, I asked Scott if he had been experiencing stomach/digestion problems. He said yes actually. Every morning he had no appetite and felt like throwing up. I found out the alien was also causing him to be short tempered and angry.

I did not send the alien to the Light or to the underworld. I sent it to its home planet.

Afterward Scott exclaimed, “My stomach feels better and my shoulders are feeling better too.” He was also amazed that his ankle had stopped hurting. Scott was more even keeled and less emotional, although he was excited about how much better he felt all of a sudden. I saw Scott in a second session and he felt even better than a couple of days earlier. His face which had been inflamed with acne before, also looked better. He reported that since our last meeting his ankle was pain free and his shoulders and stomach felt good.

Now that he was no longer possessed by the emotional woman and the alien, Scott’s grief level was a nine when we started. But by the end of the clearing it had gone down to zero.

If you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms that can’t be explained, please call me to schedule a free fifteen minute consultation. During that time, I will identify whether or not an earthbound spirit attachment is an issue for you. Contact me at 508-237-4929.

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