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How Healthy Is Your Prosperity Consciousness?

Today, I took some time to sit by the pool and enjoy the warmth and light of spring. A gentle breeze brought the scent of new blossoms, a sweet reminder that we are in the time of year that signifies renewal and abundance. Spring is a time of awakening and abundance in nature, and it can also be a time of abundance in all areas of our life, such as our finances.

Your Financial Health

Have you noticed you often seem to fall short of being able to manifest what you want in your life - financially or otherwise? Do your goals seem to be beyond your reach due to the lack of money needed to reach them? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people like you have deeply rooted issues that are preventing them from attracting the abundance they would like. Getting to the root cause of these blocks and removing them is the key to having your finances do a 360!

Here are three of the top reasons you might be blocked:

1. What You Learned Growing Up

Think about how your parents were raised. If they lived through the great depression, they probably lived with a scarcity consciousness. Limiting thoughts were created based on the reality of the time. For example, they learned there wasn’t enough to go around, life is difficult, we don’t have enough to meet our most basic needs, etc. Then their beliefs, based on their reality, were projected on to you, creating an energetic imprint of lack that affected you and your thoughts about money and prosperity.

2. Societal Influence

The collective consciousness of society tends to focus on lack instead of prosperity. This registers subconsciously, in our psyche. We are constantly exposed to articles about programs for the poor, the prevalence of poverty in the world, on blogs, in papers and magazines today. It is difficult not to be affected by all of the information constantly being thrown at you, and may be a negative factor on how healthy your own attitude is when it comes to your personal finances. Thoughts are things and attitude and beliefs influence out come and end results!

3. Karmic Influence

Another reason you might be experiencing financial limitation is the relationship you had with money in one or more past lifetimes. For example, if you misused money in the past, to take advantage of others or were affluent but did not share…you could find yourself with a significant karmic block around your finances now.

Clearing Blocks

The first step to having a healthy relationship with money and being able to manifest more of it is to identify any unconscious financial blocks and have them cleared. When I clear an energetic block for my clients, financial or otherwise, I literally dissolve it. You are then able to manifest your goals – whether this applies to abundance, relationships, or anything else that feels unresolved for you.

Using The Pechet Healing Technique, I can remove those blocks for you at the deepest level possible, the cellular level. My technique is very efficient as it only takes a few sessions to permanently clear an issue. Check out what some of my clients are saying about their finances after they’ve worked with me.

If you’re not where you want to be financially and feel stuck or discouraged about it, contact me and let’s get to the root causes. I will clear any prosperity issues you have at the deepest level possible, so that you can finally be on your way to an abundant and prosperous life!

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