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Why Distance and Energy Healing Is Right For You

There are many ways to heal

An intuitive counseling coach is so much more than a simple counselor. Think of an intuitive counselor as a guide, a Sherpa that can lead you through the complicated and daunting mountain ranges of your spiritual peaks. No matter where you are around the globe, Ellie can provide you with real and lasting results. Ellie offers distance healing for PTSD and intuitive counseling services for each of her clients. Distance healing allows clients to be treated with the healing they need, without the common constraints of a regular office.


Energy healing is comprehensive without being invasive

Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing can provide you with all the spiritual cleansing and life counseling that you need. Sometimes we get a little off course, and that is completely ok, all we need is a little guidance and direction and we can find our path once again. Ellie provides distance healing services, so that you can mend any damage caused by the hustle and bustle of daily life, no matter where you live. Energy healing is a great way to treat illness and sickness, with real change you can see and feel, without having to compromise your body in order to achieve it.


Energy healing has many benefits

  • The results are lasting

  • It can be done in any setting, at any location

  • There are many areas of your life that can be positively impacted

  • PTSD and other common traumas can be effectively treated

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