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Use this time to connect more deeply, continued

This is also an opportunity to increase your intuitive abilities. That is correct, we all have them and the more we practice, the better we get. This is a great time to practice radiating love and compassion to those around you and humanity in general. Bring your inner chatterbox to a quiet place and start sending out loving telepathic messages. You might be surprised by the boomerang effect of your positive intentions going out and the sweetness coming back to you.

How do we quiet our inner chatterbox you ask? Practice, practice, practice going within. Now is the perfect time to silence our mind while we have the time to do so in the comfort of our own homes.


3 ways to help quiet your thoughts:    Prayer - Meditation - Setting Intentions.

These 3 practices will help increase your:

a) Peace of mind

b) Overall balance

c) Focus

As you quiet your mind, notice what comes up for you that may be un-finished from the past. Are there any issues, memories or experiences you have been avoiding that would like to come to the surface and be dealt with so you can be at peace and avoid physical toll on your body which is trying its best to contain? Until the last few weeks, the distractions of constant doing and the continuous desire to be entertained have made it convenient to keep issues we have been avoiding buried.


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