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Helping my cat transition

Our Pets Come to Help Us

Our pets come into our lives to help us in specific ways. As they do so, they fulfill agreements they made with us before this life.


I am dedicating this newsletter to my cat Blue because she was an amazing companion for me. She loved me unconditionally and helped me on different levels. I adopted her and Snickers, my other cat when they were kittens from a shelter in New Bedford.


Both cats were in the same container and had already bonded. I knew they would be good company for each other. I never thought they would be with me for as long as they have been, but I did know that I had committed to being a forever home for them, as long as they wanted to be here. They became lifelong companions and I learned later that the 3 of us had numerous lifetimes together. My favorite one was when we were dolphins! It was no accident that they chose me and I chose them once again.

As they got older, I began doing healings on both cats more often as they developed physical health issues.


Arthritis, kidney stones, an infection in one of his canines and a heart weakness were a few of the issues I have been able to heal along the way.


About 6 months ago, Snickers received a medical diagnosis of Diabetes and I briefly considered going the medical route of injecting him daily with insulin, taking him to the vet to check his blood etc. He let me know he wanted no part of that and when I realized how stressful and uncomfortable those procedures would be for him, I decided to see if I could heal him myself applying my Pechet Healing Technique.


His blood was drawn again a few weeks ago and revealed great news... no more diabetes! I was grateful that I could heal him naturally and spare him the stress and invasive procedures he would have encountered if I had chosen the medical route.


His Sacred Contract:

Snickers came into my life again, not only because we have a deep Soul connection and he wanted to be with me, but also to help me. One of the ways he did so was by absorbing energy from me that probably would have developed into Diabetes.


In gratitude and love, I did healing sessions on him until the diabetes he took on for me was healed.



As Blue was aging, some of the issues she developed were a Urinary Tract Infection, arthritis, digestive issues etc. I was able to heal most of these conditions.


20 & 1/2 is very old for a feline. Every year for a cat = 5 years in human years. Blue and Snickers both came to be over 100 years old in human years. I was hoping Blue would be around another year or two, but realize that was not her time table. A few weeks ago, as I ran my hand down her body, I noticed she was getting thin and started weighing her. She was losing weight and this was difficult to see. I had a mobile vet come to the house to check her out and give her fluids. Soon after, I took her in for an ultra sound which showed that she had cancer.


I did all the right things by Blue...


The cancer took its' toll quickly and I recognized there was nothing I could do for her this time. I could however help her prepare to leave her body feeling at as comfortable as possible and at peace and that this was very important. I proceeded to work with her energetically as we both prepared for her transition. Blue was used to being independent and strong and saw herself as a leader. In the wild, an animal who is a leader does not show vulnerability to other animals. This is instinct. Part of Blue's Soul Contract this lifetime was to allow herself be very vulnerable and allow me to help her transition from physical to energetic form. I lovingly and gently helped her with this very intimate and sacred process.


One of the issues she let me know she was most concerned about...


Blue was afraid we would lose our connection when she died. So in one of her healing sessions, I cleared her fear of us losing our connection and strengthened the connection between our chakras and our connection overall then and in the future.


After I did that, she seemed relieved and more at peace as she approached the end of her life and the process of leaving her physical body.

The process I did for us felt profoundly good to me too, and helped reinforce my own knowing that Blue and I will always be connected.

I never fathomed needing to assist a beloved pet's transition...

A couple of weeks ago I realized it was the most loving thing I could do for Blue when I saw her ultrasound. I kept my arms draped around her the entire visit, continuously and lovingly whispering loving sentiments in her ear, gently reminding her how much I love her and what I always used to whisper in her ear when I would hold

her in my arms swaying...

"You are my good girl, my brave girl, my pretty will always be my girl...and we will always be connected." I let her know it was okay to let go and that she would feel a lot better when she left her old body. Still holding her, feeling my love, she was calm, peaceful and was able to let go with ease.


Within about a minute of her leaving her body...

I heard a little voice right next to me and it was Blue! She said "I'm right here Mommy! I'm okay!" I was thrilled to hear her voice and know that she had indeed left her body with ease!

A few days later as I was processing all of this, I discovered I could hear her even better and clearer than when she was in her body! This was very reassuring .


It is a natural tendency to second guess ourselves when it comes to decisions we make about our pets. One day soon after, I was journaling and wondered if there was anything else I could have done to help Blue. I heard her say

"There's nothing you could have done Mommy. It was my exit time. You did the right thing by me. I'm free from a body that was giving me aches and pains. I love you and Snickers very much"


As I reflect, I know I did all the right things by her. Although I truly miss her physical presence, I can feel and hear her right here with me as I write this newsletter and am at peace.

Dear friend...I hope this article helps you understand that the pets in your life have likely come to help you, whether on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. You probably also have a Soul history with your animal companion. If you are curious about why your pet is in your life or if they have emotional or physical issues that need healing, please contact me. or 508-237-4929


In gratitude for our pets...



Ellie 💖

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