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Holistic Healing Will Propel You Forward

Our bodies are more than just physical
Have you been recently feeling as though your body and your mind are not quite lined up with each other? Well that could mean that your spirit could be well out of balance. Our spirits have such a huge impact on our bodies, a spirit that is ill or out of balance can have massive implications in our lives. This is something that Ellie will target better than any other form of recovery. Through the Pechet Healing Technique, Ellie provides relief and clarity on a level you cannot achieve elsewhere.

Ellie will help you feel good again
Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing is here to provide you with holistic and spiritual healing, as well as lasting relief from various issues that have presented themselves, so that you can get back to feeling like yourself again. Utilizing the Pechet Healing Technique that has been expertly crafted by Ellie for over three decades, you can watch and feel your stress, depression and trauma just melt away.

There is never a wrong time to get spiritual help
Because of her global reach, there is never a bad time to contact Ellie to finally rid yourself of your trauma and pain. You can always count on Ellie to be there to help you when you need her, and provide you with support and spiritual healing when you are feeling lost. Through Ellie’s proven and effective healing technique, you will feel completely free of anything hampering your mental well-being.

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