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Trauma Can Be Overcome

Don’t let trauma take over your life

Battling with any form of trauma can be extremely taxing and looking for a reliable trauma counseling can be overwhelming. Ellie Pechet provides effective techniques to help you recover with a comprehensive and proven approach to healing and trauma counseling. Ellie helps with a wide range of trauma, like healing childhood trauma or trauma caused from a recent event. If you are interested in completely dissolving any trauma that you’re dealing with, for yourself or a loved one, make sure that you contact Ellie for a highly effective and long lasting approach.


Ellie’s approach is proven and comprehensive

Signs of trauma are not always easy to spot as it can come in many different forms and from many different places. The right approach to moving past these traumas is not always readily apparent and that is where Ellie comes in. She is the right professional to help you tackle any trauma that you are experiencing, with a proven approach that will give you lasting results for the rest of your life. Ellie’s clients often start to find some peace after their first session, as she understands that you need someone you can trust and rely on to truly provide lasting relief.


Ellie’s rates are well-priced

In the end, Ellie is here to help others, which is why she offers her effective methods of healing at rates people can actually afford. You shouldn’t have to pay extraordinary amounts just to get real, lasting help and with Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing, you don’t have to.

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