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The Holidays are coming...4 ways to heal grief and connect with your loved ones - NOVEMBER

Phoenix Rising Healing

Your loved ones in spirit are probably with you

It is very likely your loved ones are with you right now

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More Good News: Keep your eye out for my enlightening interview on a popular Grief and Rebirth podcast. I'll be sending it to you when it is released later this month

THE HOLIDAYS & 4 ways to heal grief: The holidays are quickly approaching and they are notorious for causing us more suffering than usual when it comes to missing our loved ones. Memories of Thanksgiving dinners and holiday celebrations with our loved ones surface, making it painful to anticipate the empty seat at our holiday table. My hope is that the suggestions in this article are timely and help you connect with the person, people or pets who you love and miss. If your loved one who has transitioned is available, there are a number of ways with which they can present themselves to you, and this can reduce your pain and anguish. All you need to do is be open to connecting with them and you will probably be able to. This article will give you a few ways to connect with the sweetheart you miss. What I mean by 'if they are available' is that most of the time when we make the transition known as death, we go to our original "home" which is also known as the light. Once we are there, there are a number of stages we need to go through. This process is done in a very organized way and is not something we need to be concerned with here (or there). It is all beautifully orchestrated...starting with our loved ones who come to greet and assist us with the process of leaving our body and going to the other side. Having trouble connecting? Your loved one might not be available depending on where they are in their process on the other side. Don't be alarmed. This is probably temporary and it is important that they go through the necessary stages on the other side. It is likely that soon they will be available to connect with you in a variety of ways which I describe a little further down. ___________________________________________________________________ Please note: Sometimes it is possible that a soul becomes earthbound and this can happen for different reasons. 2 of the most common ones I have found in my work as a Shaman helping earthbound spirits transition over many years are the following: 1- An unexpected death that shocks the soul IE: a car crash, a heart attack, a drug overdose. 2- A strict religion that can cause some souls to be afraid of being punished when they "meet with God" upon leaving the earth plane and so they deliberately stay (free will) For more information about souls who become earthbound and how I help them, check out my book: Hitching A Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You __________________________________________________________________ Help Going to the Other Side: I remember when my second 20.5 year old cat made his transition, several months after his beloved companion Blue who was also 20 + when she passed. Blue was right there with us and she literally helped him step out of his body and into the light. As deeply painful as each of their passings were for me, it was very profound to witness this beautiful process and the assistance she gave Snickers! (this is them below)

Cat companions - best friends forever

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...I might be dating myself, but do you remember that song?

4 Ways to Connect with the Person You Love and Miss :


Ask your beloved to appear in your dreams and set the intention to remember your visit. This is important!...have a journal by your bed and write down your dream when you first wake up, while it is fresh.


Set up a gentle, relaxing space for yourself; a candle or two, soft music and lighting. Have a journal and pen handy. Ask your loved one to present themself if they are available and to give you a message and anything else they would like to share. Then,sit patiently and listen for their response.


Just ask your beloved to enter a regular size or a full size pillow as you sit or lie with it.

Then, let yourself receive & feel their love...this works!


Bird: Ask your loved one to give you a sign that they are around you. Believe me when I tell you that your beloved can temporarily and energetically take over/enter a 'random' bird (as one example) that you will recognize as their favorite and don't be surprised if this happens more than once! They might do this to let you know they are around you and are doing well.

License Plates: They may get you to look at a license plate that has a meaningful message they want you to see.

A Special Song: A person in spirit can influence a disc jockey to play a song with a special meaning for the two of you on a station you are listening to.

Cloud Formations: You may suddenly look up and notice a special cloud formation in the shape of a heart (see pic below) or something else that is significant and meaningful to you.

Rainbows: Definitely keep your eye out for a rainbow which you might suddenly notice as if out of the blue. Rainbows are one of my favorite symbols of hope and joy.

In Summary:

Grief is a very painful process to go through is also a normal part of the cycle of life and a normal and healthy response when we lose someone we care about. We love deeply and eventually may lose the ones we love. Sometimes, it seems like they are taken from us much too soon and we are left in a place of deep suffering and anguish.

I hope that the suggestions you read above will help you connect with a dear one you miss. As a Medium and a remote healer for 33 years plus, remember that you can reach out to me if you need help either connecting with your loved one or healing the grief if it is preventing you from moving on in a place of love and inner peace.

Love and peace always transcend grief. Give yourself the gift of living your life again, your loved one wants this for you.

Yours Truly,

Ellie ❤

Be Yourself Dare to Shine Love Who You Are

Beautiful heart cloud formations

Photo taken by Ellie

Ellie Pechet, Shaman, Remote Healer

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman,

Remote Healer, Author


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