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Power of LOVE or Love of Power?

Dear Friend;

"Power through might is nothing compared to the power of love and compassion."

Don't you love this message? It is part of the feedback I received from a higher dimension after completing a metaphysical task I was given to do in the current Ukraine situation.

Putin is the dictator of Russia, a powerful country. He decided to invade a much smaller country out of greed and his self centered, narcissistic desire for even more power. There is no threat to Russia. It is simply Putin's desire to gain more and more power. Ukraine is not a threat, they are a democracy with a much smaller military. On paper the huge country has all the advantage. What has been significant to witness is the power of love of country and freedom that has catalyzed the people of Ukraine to fight against this power grab. It has also inspired the world to support their cause.

People all over the world are outraged and feeling called to help in many different ways. We are unifying together and taking a stand for their right to freedom and dignity and the right to live peacefully in their own country.

For Good - For Freedom - For Peace

The Power of LOVE: The situation in Ukraine truly does take a village for all of us to pitch in and help. Some are wearing blue and yellow ribbons in honor of the people of Ukraine; others are calling their senators, thousands are demonstrating against the brutality of the Putin regime. In addition to contributing my metaphysical work in a very specific and focused way, I contributed $100 to the fund for children who are being impacted, and taped signs of the Ukrainian flag to the back windows of my vehicle. I also printed a set for a friend to put them on her car windows.

It doesn't have to take an extreme situation like the one in Ukraine in order for us to access our compassion more deeply. When we deliberately slow ourselves down, we can hear our thoughts better and access our intuition. This is so important because our intuition is where our true power and anchor is. When we access it and ask, how can I help? What is mine to do in this or another situation? we receive guidance as to what to do and when.

And when we over ride our human tendency to avoid difficult, unpleasant situations and instead lean in to asking where we can help, we can all make a difference. Prayer and visualization are especially powerful tools we can use to help ourselves and those around us.


Let's go deeper...What is this situation reminding you of? If it is making you squirm and feel really uncomfortable beyond the normal outrage at what is being done to an entire country of people, is there some unfinished business within you that wants to be healed?

Does seeing the chaos, confusion and displacement of innocent people remind you of the chaos and confusion that was going on at home when you were growing up?

Are you still carrying the trauma of your parents fighting and perhaps eventually divorcing?

Remember how alone you felt with no one to help you process what was happening?

How are these and other triggers still affecting you now?

Does the feeling of hopelessness you are experiencing feel familiar?

Is the rage you may be feeling about the injustices that are occurring reminding you of the injustices that were done to you when you were unable to defend or protect yourself?

If you are ready to be free of the injustices that you experienced yourself and are ready to step more fully into your true power, I will help you by clearing the wounds of the past, quickly and efficiently. Then, you will be able to help in situations like this in a way that is clear and truly empowered, able to focus on the here and now only.

In the meantime, here are 4 suggestions:

1- Pray for peace and the power of LOVE.

2- Do what is yours to do, however small or large.

3- Trust in the Higher forces that be and let go of the rest.

4- Heal your unresolved triggers/wounds and step into your Authentic Power.

Love, Ellie

I came to work on this newsletter at a Panera Bread. As an act of kindness, I noticed these women (who I did not know) had finished their lunch and walked over to their table. I offered to buss their dishes. They were very surprised and thanked me. On their way out a little later, they insisted on buying me a baked goodie.

Every good act we do leads to another. I think of it as the Ripple effect.

Right click the above, save, then print & tape on your car windows!


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