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Power of LOVE or Love of Power?

Dear Friend;

"Power through might is nothing compared to the power of love and compassion."

Don't you love this message? It is part of the feedback I received from a higher dimension after completing a metaphysical task I was given to do in the current Ukraine situation.

Putin is the dictator of Russia, a powerful country. He decided to invade a much smaller country out of greed and his self centered, narcissistic desire for even more power. There is no threat to Russia. It is simply Putin's desire to gain more and more power. Ukraine is not a threat, they are a democracy with a much smaller military. On paper the huge country has all the advantage. What has been significant to witness is the power of love of country and freedom that has catalyzed the people of Ukraine to fight against this power grab. It has also inspired the world to support their cause.

People all over the world are outraged and feeling called to help in many different ways. We are unifying together and taking a stand for their right to freedom and dignity and the right to live peacefully in their own country.