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Happy New Year - Best Time of Year to Heal Any Emotional and or Physical Issues

Phoenix Rising Remote Healing

Set yourself free from the bondage of your childhood

This is a Wonder-ful time to heal any emotional or physical issues.

Happy New Year ❤ January 

Good morning on the first day of this wonderful new year, full of possibilities and the potential for continued growth as we truly are multi dimensional, spiritual beings having human experiences.  

I often chuckle to myself that being here on the earth plane is like being in boot camp. Isn't it though? We agreed to experience the lessons we encounter, especially with people in order to help us grow and develop in our human incarnation. But it doesn't stop there. The experiences we have in human form no only help us grow as people, but also contribute to the expansion of our Soul. Our attitude and outlook about our experiences affect how we perceive, respond and react. Sometimes, however, we can get stuck in the experience itself.


 This is why doing our inner work and healing our past is so important. The longer we carry around our wounds from the past, the more we prolong our happiness. If we were victimized as a child, until that is healed, we will carry with us the destructive internal program that resulted from what happened. If we were sexually victimized, we were powerless to stop it and perceived all adults as Gods. As a result, we unknowingly trusted all, including those who took advantage of our trust and betrayed us emotionally, physically and/or sexually.


Our survival instinct is to trust all adults. As a result, we become very confused when they betray us! The confusion is immense for a young child, and if she or he has no-one to process inappropriate experiences with, their natural response is to try to somehow make sense of something that does not make sense. A child who is abused by a babysitter, sibling, parent etc. will keep trying to process the event(s) in an attempt to "figure out" what happened.


Childhood is where a lot of the obsessive thinking that so many adult clients I work with starts; as a result of events or actions that happened which were unnatural and abusive.

Kids may also blame themselves for what happened and as a result, often develop unhealthy behaviors such as manipulating others because they themselves were manipulated by their abuser. They may have a need to control others as a way to compensate for feeling so powerless when they were victimized. All of these dysfunctional behaviors are unconscious and they are not being dysfunctional on purpose - they can't help it.

sufferring from depression

Another common issue is it's difficult for anyone who was victimized in childhood to identify their needs and verbalize them to others. Behaviors like these often turn into destructive patterns that continue well into their adult lives, until the traumas are healed. Until then, they won't have inner peace and will continue repeating unhealthy relationships that are based on power and control, taking turns being the victimizer and the victim and unconsciously playing out the scenario of victim and perpetrator over and over again.


One of my favorite issues to energetically heal for my clients are the unhealed childhood issues preventing them from experiencing the inner peace, joy and healthy relationships they need and deserve. Healing traumatic events and relationships for the clients I work with causes their hearts to open naturally. They also start to trust themselves and their ability to make healthy decisions. They are able to discern intuitively and can trust the people who come into their life who actually are trustworthy.

They are able to finally stop the mental obsession which has been so painful, along with their tendency to second guess and over process everything that happens in their life.


 They transition out of a traumatized child response to people and events and can trust themselves and their ability to make healthy choices. They start having healthy adult relationships and most of all, they are able to experience the inner peace they crave and so deserve. Guess what happens next? When their wounds are healed, their hearts not only open, but also they naturally step more deeply into their purpose for being here and their passion is ignited.


This is a great time to heal any issues from the past. I provide free 15-20 minute consultations. Reach out, I am busy, but will make time for you. You can sign up for a consultation or for sessions on the website home page. You can also call or email me. I am here for you. By the way, the holiday sale is ending in the next day or two so you might want to take advantage of the sale rates for discount packages.

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May you have your best year ever - you deserve it!


Ellie 💚

Upcoming News:

CLINIC: I will be doing a healing clinic January 20 at the Integrative Wellness Center in Irvine, CA. It is limited to the first 10. There are still a few spots left. 

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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Shaman, Remote Healer


Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.Shaman, Remote Healer, Author 


  Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets.


*All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home

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