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Crossing the street together - Slowing down for Turtles.

Expanding My Work - Divine Projects: When I am not working with clients, I make myself available for special project undertakings involving animals and our environment that I do not get paid for (although there is a Go Fund Me button on my website if you would like to contribute). I call these my Divine Projects. My remote healing work in the world is expanding. In addition to helping my clients, I have been working with collective groups of animals who need direct healing or help in other ways. The last couple of years, these have included elephants in Africa as a collective group; whales in the Atlantic ocean as a collective group; many animals who were affected by the fires in Australia in recently; a whale whose infant daughter was seriously wounded off the coast of Georgia in February. Currently, I am working with the local turtles in MA, both remotely and in person. Click the button below to learn more about pets I work with & the wildlife I assist.

Turtle Season is Here and they are Everywhere there is water close by, so keep your eye out!

CURRENT NEWS : Last week, the local newspaper in my hometown printed an article about a project I took on to get local turtle crossing signs installed over a bridge spanning two towns. I discovered this bridge to be a turtle crossing on my way to the local YMCA one day. I noticed a tiny black native turtle doing her best to cross the road so she could find a spot to lay her eggs. (I was aware that spring is turtle egg laying season and was keeping a look out) I stopped the car and gently brought her over to the other side of the rd in the direction she was heading. Other drivers seemed supportive and waited patiently. A couple of weeks later, I noticed another turtle, this time, a red eared slider close to the same spot on the bridge. I was dismayed when I saw that this turtle was crushed trying to also get to the other side of the rd to lay her eggs. I consider life coming into physical form as well as leaving physical form (aka death) sacred.

I walked to a couple of houses nearby to speak with neighbors and no one was aware that this bridge was a turtle crossing. Even the local conservation group less than a 1/4 mile away did not