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There is Hope Even with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

Most people have been affected personally by either being faced with a cancer diagnosis themselves or knowing at least one person close to them who has been affected by cancer. Personally, my own father and sister both had the experience of cancer and although my father transitioned a couple of years ago, my sister seems to be doing well.

My father didn't retire fully from his career as a medical doctor until he turned 87. I understand his devotion to his patients because I am also passionate about the work I do with my clients and can't begin to imagine retiring.

Professionally, I have worked with clients at various stages of cancer over the years and would like to address an aspect I feel is significant when it comes to cancer.

Most of us will probably agree that our society & modern medicine tend to be reactive rather than proactive. This is a problem because more emphasis is placed on intervening after there is a major issue like cancer. Up to now, the processes that are in place to deal with cancer in our health care system assault the body further with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Many medical patients become so weak, they die from the treatment of cancer rather than the cancer itself.

Cancer cells exist in most of us already. When cells are damaged, which happens on a regular basis, they typically destroy themselves. This is why for most of us, the damaged cells do not manifest into a condition of cancer. When a damaged cell does not destroy itself and instead starts to replicate itself, this develops into an overgrowth of damaged cells and the conditions we call cancer.

From more of a metaphysical standpoint, ones’ emotional, energetic, and physical system has gone out of balance over time and defective cancer cells have taken over and become a cancer diagnosis.

What is not discussed enough in our society is the root cause of an overgrowth of cancer in the body. As a meta-physician having worked with many clients who had different stages of cancer when they came to me for help, the root causes of the cancer for most are emotional and stem from unresolved resentments, often starting in childhood.

The aspect I have found to be most helpful in reducing cancer symptoms with clients is when we 1) identify the most hurtful patterns or events from their past and then

2) I intuit the exact wording needed for that client to be most effective; then dissolve the identified issues, one at a time using my Pechet Healing Technique. I am able to dissolve the issue at the deepest level possible every session so most issues only need to be healed one time.

Watch and listen to the testimonials just below this article by client, Sharon, who came to me when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and now, 7 years later, continues to be in full remission. She talks about the clearing work I did with her that she feels made the difference in her surviving a life threatening diagnosis. You can develop a sense of inner peace and lead a fulfilling life after having been diagnosed with cancer. Listen to Sharon from CA:

Sharon - At First Diagnosis of Fast Moving, Malignant Breast Cancer

Sharon - Breast Cancer in Full Remission 7 Years Later

Have you been affected by breast or another type of cancer?

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