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August newsletter article continued...



Although Geraldine was feeling more at peace about Andrew after I cleared her grief,

her next session, she told me her tongue had become painful again.

As always, I asked her when it started and she told me several days prior. Her son had called again and left a message that was difficult to understand because the M.S. was affecting his speech. I energetically muscle tested her and my intuitive hit was confirmed. That phone call was the trigger.

Guilt is what resonated. I asked Geraldine if she could think of anything she felt guilty about when it came to her son Andrew. She said yes, she felt unable to help him, especially with him living in Japan.


I asked her if there was another time that she felt guilty because she couldn’t help him and that is when she revealed that he had been born 2 months premature. She had been clothes shopping earlier that day and something didn’t feel right so she went home. Next, she went to the hospital and delivered her son prematurely.


He was on the neonatal unit his first 5 weeks in the world. Geraldine wasn't able to visit him as much as she wanted to because she had other young children at home.

She said was very worried about him, but didn’t let herself think about it. Another instance in which Geraldine suppressed her emotions of worry and concern in an effort to stay strong and keep a handle on her household.


Here she was again, with the same son she couldn’t help on the natal intensive care unit when he was born. Even though it is many years later, he is dealing once again with a very serious illness and because of her current age and the fact that he is living in Japan, she feels helpless and guilty.

The issue I intuited and cleared in today’s session was

“Guilt that you can’t help Andrew”

The imprint Geraldine needed was “Trust in God’s Plan”

She believes in God and that felt good to her as she affirmed it while I did the imprint.

By the end of the session, Geraldine said she saw the purple light and was feeling at peace about her son Andrew. She said her tongue was feeling good.

Diane enjoyed the healing energy also and was feeling peaceful and relaxed. She and I spoke briefly, and I mentioned to her that I kept getting that I can help her brother Andrew. She said she agrees and plans to speak with her mother about me helping him.

Final Note: I am enjoying helping this mother daughter pair and the work I am doing with Geraldine feels especially Sacred to me. She is in the last chapter of her life here and the clearing work I am doing of deep-seated issues she has had for most of her life, are going to help her be at peace by the time she is ready to transition. I am grateful for the opportunity to help Geraldine feel good and she will also have less work and processing to do when she does go back Home.

Diane feels more at ease, knowing her mother is not suffering and if a new symptom does occur, she knows I will be able to heal it for her.


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