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Integrity: Doing What's Right - Especially When You Don't Think Anyone is Watching (and Someone always is)

We are in a challenging time. A time in which we are witnessing blatant miss use of power and manipulation by the individuals who are in power. A lot is at stake and now more than ever, we need to make increasing effort to come into balance and maintain it as much as possible. When we are balanced internally, energetically, physically, we naturally make wiser decisions and are able to take action from a pro-active, rather than a reactive place. How do we do this?

By creating the space and time to practice the discipline of going within and linking up to Source. Meditation, praying, setting intentions, clearing past issues, journaling, eating more consciously, exercising are a few really good ways to increase our feeling of connection and balance.

We might not be able to “fix” all the problems in the world, but we can do our part to contribute to the solution, both short and long term.

Every time we do a good deed, (no matter how small or large!) it impacts the collective in a positive way. Instead of becoming immobilized because we feel hopeless or helpless, we can make the commitment to do the right thing at the right time, when the situation arises, whatever it is.

This quote by Martin Luther King really captures what I am writing about: “Never, ever be afraid to do what is right, especially if the well being of a person or an animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our Soul when we look the other way.”

When I lived in North Carolina, I discovered a situation in which a dog and her puppies were being physically abused by the owner/breeder.

I was horrified by what I saw and tried to engage the neighbors, sure that they would want to help the situation I happened upon and shared with them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It was more important to them to be able to call on the abuser who happened to be a builder, (as well as an alcoholic and a hunter) in case they needed a repair for their house, than to help the dog and her puppies.

I knew then and there that I had to help them. Why? Because it was the right thing to do on a Spiritual level and that is important to me. I was willing to do whatever I could to help and spent countless hours working remotely from my house doing healings on the dog, her puppies, the hunter, his wife, and clearing their property of negative influences. One of the most important issues that came up to be cleared was the breeder’s addiction to abusing animals, something he had been doing since he was a young boy. I recognized this as an assignment from Spirit and said yes.

I was able to stop his cruel practice of abusing the dogs by working with him remotely and was eventually able to stop the cycle of him breeding dogs to hunt bears (an especially cruel practice for bears.)

I didn’t get paid for this work and it was stressful - exhausting at times, however, it was the right thing to do and needed to be done when I discovered it so I stepped up and did what I needed to do and it helped…a lot.

When we keep our eyes open we are shown what person, animal, group of animals needs help and we are guided as to how to help.

Because I am a long distance healer, I can work with any person, animal or group remotely. Spirit knows this and utilizes my abilities and brings my attention to whoever needs help the most at the time.

Australia: Earlier this year, I worked with the animals affected by the fires in Australia, also going there during my sleep state in addition to using my technique during the day when not working with clients. I did collective healing sessions on the animals there. During one remote healing session, I was touched to see many angels also there, helping those who were injured and helping those who needed to transition because their injuries were too severe.

Current project with wildlife:

As many of you know, there has been a huge push by the Trump White House to open up the wildlife refuges in Alaska for hunting.  Pushed by Secretary Zinke and his trophy hunting sons Trump gave his ok. The basic rollback includes allowing hunting in the preserves but most hideously has removed the wildlife protective regulations put in place by the Obama Administration in 2015.

Under the 2015 laws we have safety for bears in their dens:

Watch this (sweet!) video of bears in the safety of their dens here:


If the new version of the regulation rollback passes, the following will become legal:
“Taking any black bear, including cubs and sows with cubs using artificial light at den sites; harvesting brown bears over bait; taking wolves and coyotes (including pups) during denning season (between May 1 and August 9); taking swimming caribou ; taking caribou from motorboats under power; taking black bears over bait; and using dogs to hunt black bears.”
Effective date is July 9, 2020.

Click here to learn more

Please do what you can to draw attention to this issue; post on Facebook, email your friends and call on our legislators to do the same.  This will be cruel and inhumane if it passes.


MY PART: I started working remotely on the situation in Alaska in recently when a friend and colleague called my attention to it. I did some remote work with several of the individuals involved in trying to push this reversal through. Yesterday, Sunday, I started working with the animals who will be affected if this goes into effect July 9. I worked telepathically with all the bears on the refuges on Alaska, and put them on high alert. I then did my remote clearing work to help make them less easy for hunters or their dogs to find.

We can all be a part of the solution if we so choose. Let’s choose to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. And if you feel like you need some help clearing whatever is keeping you feeling stuck, call and set up a session(s) and I will clear whatever you are ready to be free of - 508-237-4929

Love always,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed, Metaphysician


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