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Expect a Miracle...
Real Results for Real Issues...
wherever y
ou are

Remote, permanent healing for:

  • Emotional Issues

  • Physical Issues

  • Spiritual Issues

The Pechet
Healing Technique


With the Pechet Healing Technique, you can look forward to having immediate results starting with your first session, and having a significant issue cleared every session - wherever you are located.


Relief is available for physical conditions ranging from chronic pain and weight issues to the side effects of cancer treatment and the core issues that caused the cancer or another condition. I specialize in healing issues for my clients; long term, long-distance, all over the world. I work with adults, children, spouses and parents.

I enjoy working with couples and families because every member of the family who receives healing increases the health and the vibration of the whole family.

Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing offers solutions that are natural and result oriented. Success is achieved because I am able to intuit the root of the problem and then energetically dissolve it. The only side effect of the Pechet Healing Technique is increased well-being, deep relaxation and peace of mind.

 93+ % Success Rate

Experience Extraordinary Results

Experience Healing Anywhere

Our Clients Say

"I've received energy healing before, and it was nothing like this... I was left feeling lighter, like a literal weight had been lifted. Ellie is definitely the real deal."               

~Scout Tomyris, Santa Rosa, CA

Video Testimonials

Books Written and Contributed By Ellie Pechet

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