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Reiki Healing is Both Revolutionary and Ancient

Reiki healing really works

Reiki healing is a very simple, very safe and completely natural form of healing and recovery, thousands of years in development. It involves the movement and “massaging” of our aural energies that surround our bodies, by an experienced and skilled Reiki healing master like Ellie. The goal of Reiki is to provide complete and total stress reduction and relaxation, in order to promote and encourage full body healing and spiritual revitalization.

Why choose Ellie? Well she truly loves what she does

At Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing, Ellie maintains the most professional and simultaneously nurturing environment. Ellie is the sole owner and provider of the Pechet Healing Technique, and she will make sure your time spent with her is productive and rewarding. She accomplishes this by having a very high standard of customer care and overall attentiveness, which you can experience wherever you are all over the globe.


Customer service might not be a phrase you would expect to hear from a spiritual center, but that is where most spiritual centers fall short. Ellie has a different set of expectations than most Reiki facilities, and it is those high expectations that set her apart from the rest.


The benefits of Reiki healing are substantial

There are many ways a session with Ellie can help you, and the extra clarity and direction that she provides you will be one of the best things you can do for yourself all year. Whether you are looking for help coping with grief or trauma, or you need some spiritual guidance, Ellie will provide you with actual results through her proven and highly effective healing technique.


Ellie provides Reiki healing for all of her clients all over the globe, whether through a simple phone call or face-to-face on Skype. You will feel better, feel lighter on your feet, more rested and a whole host of other positivities.

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