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April 3, 2020

Do you or someone you know have symptoms or a diagnosis of the coronavirus? Read more to learn how I helped clients with the coronavirus and how I can help you or someone you love

January 23, 2018

Do you experience chronic anxiety or depression? How do you feel with new situations or relationships, whether it be work or personal? For example, an abusive mother who was critical and berated you on a regular basis, may be a leading cause of low self esteem.

It helps to identify the symptoms you experience and then the triggers, or root causes, that leading to anxiety and depression. The chronic feelings you may experience of not being good enough may be playing out in your current re...

October 19, 2017

As a result of over 30 years of helping clients shift out of unconscious-based fear and into their authentic power, I like to define authentic power as a person's natural state of being. I also think of one's authentic power as their true essence. 

When the ego in engaged, it is fear-based and runs on what is known in many spiritual communities as "old paradigm" ways of thinking and existing in the world. 

Old paradigm ways of being are based on primitive needs f...

August 29, 2017

Have you noticed the trend with more and more commercials on television and radio focusing on pharmaceuticals, trying to influence the public to use medication to solve their problems?

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. There is an increasing push by drug companies to get people to buy their products in order to increase their profits, despite the fact that these drugs are harmful in many ways. As most of us know, they create harmful side effects, cause additiona...

May 12, 2016

I have discussed the importance of clearing the source of a problem, rather than just the symptoms many times. However, it can often be difficult to recognize that there is a problem if it has been buried deeper over the years, showing few symptoms or those easier to ignore. Perhaps the root cause is completely forgotten and you are able to push through and ignore the symptoms most of the time, convincing yourself that you are perfectly fine. 

But then, something happens. Suddenly,...

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Raise Your Vibration

May 17, 2018

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