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October 16, 2018

Most people have been affected personally by either being faced with a cancer diagnosis themselves or knowing at least one person close to them who has been affected by cancer. Personally, my own father and sister both had the experience of cancer and although my father transitioned a couple of years ago, my sister seems to be doing well.

My father didn't retire fully from his career as a medical doctor until he turned 87. I understand his devotion to his patients because I am also passionate...

October 3, 2018

Current happenings in the news for sexual miss-conduct.

Sexual misconduct seems to be running rampant in our public work places and beyond. Take the current case in which Christine Blasey Ford discloses to the public, the experience she had in which she describes an incidence of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford did not want to come forward which is typical of trauma survivors. She shared her experience about what happened to her that evening which took a lot of courage, (the trauma...

September 13, 2018

Why Is It So Important That Souls Return to the Light and Not Become Earthbound?

Excerpt paraphrased from my book Hitching A Ride, A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect you :

It is critical that when a person dies they return home to continue their progress as a soul. Part of the process upon returning home is going through a life review. World renowned Medium Sylvia Browne also talks about this in her book Life on the Other Side - A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife.

The life review...

August 1, 2018

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Common Types of Entities that Can Affect You

On Saturday morning Sept. 15, in the Center Ballroom, I will be speaking about my work for the last 17 years with spirit attachments and other types of entities that can cause harm. I will help attendees understand how and why earthbound spirits and other entities sometimes trespass into our auric fields, causing emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances that create or increase many symptoms and conditions from anxiety to headach...

June 30, 2018

July is a month full of summer retreats and excursions, play, a sense of peace, and Mother nature in full-bloom. Many spend their time outdoors and enjoy the weather--playing, hiking, spending time on the water, or meditating in natural surroundings. Participating in these activities is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit; but sometimes it can be hard for individuals to fully immerse themselves in the beauty around them, especially if they are suffering from anxiety, depression, or oth...

June 1, 2018

Throughout history, in many cultures including ours, women have been objectified, harassed, and exploited for sexual gain and power.

In recent weeks and months, we have been witnessing increasing numbers of women who have been harassed and sexually abused by men in positions of power holding them accountable for their actions. Our justice system, and society as a whole are finally supporting women speaking up for themselves and holding men who are sexual predators responsible for their behavi...

May 17, 2018

Take the time to love yourself more deeply by being still and going within. This will increase your sense of overall peace and allows you to become more deeply aware of your Divine Purpose here. The more quiet you become, the better you start to understand how specific events and relationships in our lives have contributed to your development as a soul.  

As we observe past events and relationship patterns, we become more aware of the truth of our being. Sometimes we need a little help gettin...

April 17, 2018

What has been your driving experience lately? Does the person who drives with you get upset about how you respond to other drivers? 

According to Wikipedia, the term road rage originated in the United States in 1987 when a rash of freeway shootings occurred on several freeways in Los Angeles, California.

Wikipedia says: “Road rage is defined as an aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other road vehicle. Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults...

March 21, 2018

My favorite inspirational quote is by Marianne Williamson.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 

It is our light, not our darkness 

That most frightens us. 

We ask ourselves 

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 

Actually, who are you not to be? 

You are a child of God. 

Your playing small 

Does not serve the world. 

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking 

So that other people won't feel insecu...

February 7, 2018

How easy is It for you to get quiet and go within? In the past, if you have had difficulty going within, this blog post should help. As often as possible, center yourself.

Taking even a few minutes each day to sit quietly will help increase your inner peace and emotional freedom when it comes to people, places and things.

Set Your Intentions

Set the intention to increase your inner peace by sitting quietly each day. 

Silence Really is Golden!

Follow through with your intention and plan a specific...

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Raise Your Vibration

May 17, 2018

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